No outdoor unit

Our patented Unico technology has made it possible to combine into a single unit what is traditionally divided into two, outdoor motor and split unit indoor; this respects the original spirit of the buildings, blending in perfectly with the architecture and substantially simplifying projects. All you see on the outside of the building are the two air aspiration and exhaust grilles.

Twin technology

Thanks to our TWIN® technology, two-room climate control is achieved in perfect harmony with the aesthetics of the building and the design process is streamlined. Our Twin technology makes it possible to use the two units (Master unit and Wall unit) jointly or separately as needed, in heating mode or cooling mode.

Pure system 2

A multi-filtering system combines an electrostatic filter (which removes small particles such as smoke, dust, pollen, pet hair to prevent allergic reactions) with an activated carbon filter (which eliminates bad odours and inactivates any harmful gas that may be present).

Warm system

Heat pump air conditioner. Thanks to this function it is possible to replace or supplement traditional heating systems in intermediate seasons.


System Functions

  • Ventilation only function
  • Dehumidification only function
  • Auto function: adjusts operation parameters based on ambient temperature
  • Sleep function: gradually increases the temperature setting and guarantees
  • Reduced noise level for greater comfort during the night.


System Characteristics

  • Separate or combined operation: if simultaneous operation is selected, the two units willshare the available power. *
  • Double class A
  • Ecologic gas R410A
  • Multi-function remote control
  • 24h timer

Thanks to the fact that the same centre distance of air inlet and outlet holes has been maintained and that installation with 162 mm holes is also possible, Unico Twin Master can easily replace the Unico models previously installed.



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